"Studio in the sticks"

A grassroots architecture congress

A studio

We engage pro bono in design projects that will benefit the host community. Concept designs are presented to the stakeholders and if successful, may be further developmed and realised by students and mentor architects following the camp.

A conference

Well recognised as well as new emerging architects, artists, craftsmen and other professionals deliver informal lectures and talks during the camp, followed by questions, panel discussions and general mingling around the campfires.

A workshop

We visits construction sites, factories, forestries  and workshops. We build things, such as community gardens, playgrounds, shelters, benches or other community assets. Sometimes we build our own camp amenities too.

A party

We share meals, swim in the rivers, lakes and under the waterfalls, go on bushwalks, play live music, dance or project movies. We rarely plan – most things just happen. At the end, we clean up and leave the camp in better condition then we found it.