ArchiCamp 2016

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ArchiCamp is an annual grassroots gathering of architecture students and professionals, artists and craftsmen. The informal camp is filled with workshops, tours, talks, discussions and entertainment. First and foremost, ArchiCamp is about the enjoyment of sharing ideas with others and building connections and professional culture nationally and internationally.

ArchiCamp is not an official event, it has no sponsors, receives no funding, and has no budget beyond the sum total of participants’ contributions towards communal meals. Any leftover budget is donated.

See ArchiCamp 2015 report and photo gallery.

People of ArchiCamp 2016

A number of well acclaimed professionals and artists generously invest their time and energy in ArchiCamp. Our working 2016/17 guest list includes Adrian WelkeKen MaherKerry and Lindsay Clare and Lindsay Johnston. ArchiCamp is organised by Jiri Lev.

“Studio in the Sticks”

Ahead of each ArchiCamp, specific ethical causes for architectural intervention are identified within the host community and the environment where ArchiCamp is to be held. (E.g. community halls, housing, tourism facilities, masterplans, etc.) This informs creative briefs, which are presented to participants at the opening of ArchiCamp.

During the camp, students may choose to address these, developing design concepts and presenting these to the stakeholders. Following ArchiCamp, students may continue working on their successful concepts, through design development to DA documentation, construction drawings and construction itself.

Projects for 2016:


ArchiCamp programme includes site visits, tours, lectures, talks, practical workshops, spontaneous design and build, campsite/amenities/field kitchen setup, campfires, discussions, live music, etc.

The programme is continuously updated and refined.


Date: 30 September – 3 October 2016
Location: Butterwick, NSW
Cost: Contribution towards communal meals
Facebook: ArchiCamp page, ArchiCamp 2016 event
Contact: Jiri Lev (ArchiCamp organiser)

(Due to number of unforeseen circumstances, ArchiCamp was postponed.)