Author: Jiri Lev

Jiri Lev is the organiser of ArchiCamp, a member of NSW Chapter Council of Australian Institute of Architects and one of the creative directors of the 2017 Australasian Student Architecture Congress. Jiri is passionate about Australian environment, both natural and built. As a sole practitioner, Jiri is particularly interested in ethical and sustainable development. In his work, he focuses on natural materials sourced locally and interpretation of traditional construction methods. See Jiri's other public ventures.

Drew Heath Confirmed for ArchiCamp 2015

A successful and awarded architect, builder and Newcastle Architecture School’s favourite tutor Drew Heath has confirmed his participation in ArchiCamp 2015. Drew specialises in handmade and handcrafted buildings with low environmental impact and represents a very valuable addition to the amazing list of top architecture professionals, who will be generously sharing their time with students at ArchiCamp as tutors and…

Bella and James

Australian Sustainable Timbers at ArchiCamp 2015

Annabel Kater (BSc Agr, M Forestry, MIFA) and James Felton-Taylor (BEnv Sci) modestly refer to themselves as “lumberjacks” – a vast understatement. Passionate about truly sustainable forestry, together they are putting their energy into practice in managing their own native forest and sawmill at Monkerai, in the foothills of Barrington Tops in the Hunter Region of New South Wales.…

Lindsay Kerry Clare ArchiCamp; published Jiri Lev

Kerry, Lindsay Clare to Join ArchiCamp 2015

Kerry and Lindsay Clare, a 2010 AIA gold medallist husband and wife duo, very kindly promised to invest some of their time with us. Together with another AIA gold medallist Rick Leplastrier, Architecture Foundation‘s Lindsay Johnston, Kerry and Lindsay will help create an invaluable opportunity for learning and good design at ArchiCamp 2015. For updates, like & follow ArchiCamp on Facebook.

ArchiCamp 2015 Held at Shepherds Ground

ArchiCamp 2015 host, Shepherds Ground farm and village project, was founded by Lucie Bruvel, a social entrepreneur trying to create a blueprint for the renewal of the rural village, master planned by Gregory Burgess, 2004 AIA gold medalist. Growing up on a self sufficient small holding, her family grew everything, baked their bread, made cheese…

ArchiCamp 2014 Report & Photos

The inaugural ArchiCamp was a great success. We visited a timbercrete house in Rylstone with Rado Marjanac; AREC strawbale + rammed earth workshop with Steve Garland; a solar passive house, cob and earth bag cottages with reciprocal framed roof at Milkwood permaculture farm; and Bowman residence, a modern home incorporating 3 heritage cottages. We toured the historic town of Mudgee with heritage…