Shepherds Ground Affordable Housing


People (couple or singles) wanting to work on Shepherds Ground either in farming or associated businesses. They cannot afford a share but want to be involved, learn and make an income from activities on the land. They are persons under 35. They pay a $20 000 share fee (normally over $100 000). They have an equal voting right in the company and same access to infrastructure and community possibilities.

Size of the shared home: To accommodate 6 people/couples with one shared kitchen.

Simple to build, environmentally sound, compost toilets (times 2, potentially unattached to building) and grey water, solar, flexible space, maximise each square meter, designed for people coming in and out often from the land (easy access to hand washing and kitchen)


In harmony with the land on which it is build and in tune with current house designs and pallet of GBA. Home needs to look like one home but have private quarters for bed/living.


Preferably the same as other buildings onsite, either Hemp Masonry/ zinc alum or Weathertex.


Must be affordable. We aim to have an attractive proposal that will interest Government funding for low income agriculturally active young people.

Planning Policy

Built according to guidelines of the SEPP 15 – rural land-sharing communities.